Women's health

The annual check-up is used for the early detection of benign and malignant gynecological diseases. 

Screening and PAP smear test 

The examination includes a detailed discussion, a cancer smear (PAP smear), a colposcopy (examination of the cervix through a special microscope), palpation of the female organs (incl. the chest), a vaginal ultrasound and a urinalysis.

Should special diagnostics become necessary in hospital, I will of course continue to look after you personally.

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  • Your health is important to me
  • Women's health takes center stage
  • For me, medical care starts even before you fall ill
  • I attach great importance to regular check-ups to prevent illnesses from developing in the first place or to be able to recognize and treat them at an early stage -  so that you stay healthy in the long term

Vaccinations as cancer prevention

Cervical cancer is a common malignant disease in women. An HPV vaccination can protect you against the viruses that cause this tumor and is therefore an effective cancer prevention measure.  In February 2014, the HPV vaccination was included in the nationwide childhood vaccination program (since 2016, the new 9-HPV vaccine Gardasil 9 (R) has been used) and since 2024 it has been free for everyone up to their 30th birthday. The vaccination can also be repeated at any later date. Even women who have been diagnosed with changes due to an HPV type in their Pap smear should still be vaccinated afterwards in order to reduce their risk of infection. Subsequent vaccination is also effective protection against other high-risk viruses.

I will be happy to advise you.

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Full Examination 150,-

including PAP and Ultrasound