The first visit to the gynecologist

A lot happens during the exciting time of puberty. Your body, your interests, your feelings and your behavior change. This can be exciting and beautiful, but also unsettling. You want to know whether you have a "normal build", but are afraid of the first examination. Many questions arise: What happens on the first visit? What does a gynecologist want to know about me? Is the examination painful? Can my parents come with me?

Girls' consultation

Our discussion, the so-called girls' consultation, is of course strictly confidential, but you are also welcome to come with your mother, a friend or your boyfriend. In the vast majority of cases, this is an initial meeting during which any questions, problems or fears can be discussed. I will be happy to inform you about all topics of interest to you, such as all contraceptive options available to you, medication for menstrual cramps, vaccinations, etc.

This is usually followed by an ultrasound scan of the abdomen, which is completely painless.

The first complete examination on the gynecological chair is usually only carried out on girls when they have regular sexual intercourse.

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Info BOX

You should go to the gynecologist if you ...

  • have complaints (e.g. pain)
  • want to be prescribed a contraceptive
  • have slept with a boy before
  • are afraid that something might be wrong
  • you are not sure whether you could be pregnant
  • just want to go to a gynecologist
  • have already passed your 16th birthday and have never had a period