How can I use contraception? Which type of contraception is right for me: pill, patch, ring, IUD, contraception, condom, natural contraception? How do I use the prescribed preparation? What alternatives are there for me?

Every woman has her own individual  needs and requirements for a contraceptive. Today, there is a suitable contraceptive for every situation. I will help you find the right contraceptive method in an individual consultation.

Pearl Index

A contraceptive method can fail even when used correctly. This is determined in clinical studies and is given as the number of pregnancies that occur in 100 women in one year. This is referred to as the Pearl Index.
For example, if a contraceptive has a Pearl Index of 1, this means that one in 100 women who use this method for a year will become pregnant. In other words, the method is 99% safe.

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IUD, Implant, ... 450,0 - 500,0

Info BOX

Condom: Pearl-Index 2-12 (infection protection!!!)

Combination pill: Pearl index 0.1-0.9, daily intake

Hormone patch: Pearl index 0.9, change once a week

Contraceptive ring: Pearl index 0.65, change once a month

Hormone implant: Pearl index 0-0.08, change every 3 years

Hormone IUD: Pearl Index 0.2, change every 3-5 years

Copper IUD: Pearl index 0.6, change every 3-5 years

Copper chainPearl index 0.1-0.3, change every 5 years